Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday...

1. For my giveaway, I had you guys tell me a diet confession...and I loved your answers! I thought in fairness, I would offer up one of my confessions: When I need to workout in the morning, I sleep in my gym clothes...I would feel guilty taking them off without getting the workout in first :) LOL (I know I am an oddball! :) )

2. Today is mine and Tommy's 4th anniversary! It has been a wonderful four year...and I am so glad Tommy walked into my life when he did. My anniversary is always a bitter sweet time. As most of you know, my Dad passed away a little less that two weeks before my wedding day..his funeral was 8 days before my wedding. I always say that my wedding was the last gift my Dad gave to me, because Tommy and I originally wanted to elope. Dad insisted on a big wedding...and honestly did most of the planning. He wanted so bad to be able to walk me down the aisle. He did get to see me in my wedding dress, and I will never forget him telling me how beautiful I looked. It was during one of short spurts not in the hospital...and we were at my grandmother's house. It was out of the blue, and he said...why don't you go try on your dress for first I didn't want to...I wanted it to be a surprise for him, but I am so glad I did. Physically, I was alone when I walked down the aisle to my future  husband... but I know my Dad's spirit was there with me, and it was in every detail of of our big, beautiful, wedding.

3.  My 30 Day challenge is moving right along...more on that tomorrow :) And I am very excited about Amy's Spring challenge...if you haven't signed up you should!


  1. Wonderful post! Happy Anniversary! I know your father was there with you! It was too important for him not to be!

    BTW, I didn't text lastnight b/c it was late BUT I am now moving onto day 12 (today). YAY! Doing good!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    Happy Anniversary!!! You're so right about your dad being there, I'm sure you felt his presence!!

    That gym clothes idea is genius!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I always have my gym clothes sitting in the bathroom, so that the first thing I do is go put them on.

  4. The story about your dad totally made me cry ... what lovely memories. Happy anniversary! ♥

  5. Awwww, that is a sweet story about your dad. Happy Anniversary! I'm sure he's watching over you, proud of your accomplishments. :)

  6. Happy anniversary, Jess. What a touching story. xo