Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Road...

I am heading out of town today for a business trip. My plan is to get in today and tomorrow's workouts either in the hotel fitness room or at my gym's sister location. (One of the things I LOVE about Anytime Fitness is that you can go in 24 hrs a day at ANY location across the country. Perfect for travel!)
Because I cook most of my meals at home, I always get a bit nervous about eating on the road...but I know how to make smart choices.
AND Tommy is going with me. He will hang out at the hotel while I am at my meeting :) And hopefully we can get in a bit of shopping.

See you guys for Three Things Thursday! 


  1. Safe travels! Happy exercising in a new location - that's always feels like a breath of fresh air.

  2. Getting away is sometimes just what you need to feel energized! Happy and safe traveling and have fun!!!

    BTW, great game lastnight! Bama kicked butt and deserved the win. Don't know what was up with LSU...kinda funny all that smack talk and they didn't win...PLAYED!

  3. Friend, I am so doing what you are doing now, except my Hubby is in class, while I get to lounge around in the hotel gym. Heh heh! Have a great trip and stay focused on your journey!

  4. Have fun and I know you'll make great choices!

  5. Your dedication is so inspiring! Heres to great health and safe trip!

  6. Hi Friend, Glad you are home. Get lots of rest!!

    Keep focused!