Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I have to miss Zumba tonight because I am working late. BOO! My original plan was to get up early and get a workout in. Not only did I not get up early, Tommy and I both overslept this morning!!! Oh well, I will use today as a Rest Day and workout tomorrow instead. Depending on how work goes tomorrow, I may even skip out early so that I can hit the afternoon Zumba class. It is not my favorite...the instructor seems to make it us as she goes...I prefer a set routine that follows the music.

2. I missed Zumba last Thursday, too! We had snow and ice in Bama last Thursday night. They had been predicting snow flurries with little to no accumulation the night before but I didn't really think much of it. It literally snowed in flurries all day...and by Thursday night, the road were ROUGH! I had invited a coworker to go to Zumba with me, but she came over and said she had decided not to go because of the weather. I left work at 5...class doesn't start until 6:15. As I was driving to the gym I realized there was no way I could stay in town if I wanted to be able to get home. I live about 40 minutes from the library...and visibility was an issue during the first ten or so the time I got to the 5 mile stretch that I drive on my road I was terrified. The highway was a solid sheet of ice!! As I approached my house, I knew there was no trying to turn into my driveway safely. The car behind me was literally I kept driving until I got to my MIL's house a little more than a quarter mile from my house. I figured if I couldn't turn into her driveway, there was a church across the road that I could get into and leave my car. I was able to make it to my MIL's house. I got out and told her what was going on. She said she had been watching the cars sliding around. She said I could stay at her house for a bit, but I decided to throw on my gym shoes and walk home. I was FREEZING!!! I was too scared to walk on the main highway because of all the sliding cars, so I took the back roads back home. My MIL had told me to call as soon as I got home...that she would give me 30 minutes, but then she was going to call Tommy. I made it home in about 20 minutes...and was exhausted LOL. I have a whole new respect for you guys that run in snow, ice, and super frigid temps!!!

3. There is a 15k relay coming up in my area in March. I think this would be so much fun! How many of you have taken part in a relay race?


  1. A local church (like less than a mile from my house!) is going to start having free zumba classes! I'm excited about this.

    Wow...your walk home sound horrible! brrrr.

  2. Last November & December I did 2 relay races and they were AWESOME!!!! Totally an incredible experience. I'm 100% into relays - will definitely do them again!!! I LOVE races for the social aspect anyway so for me our relays were just a HUGE opportunity to share the same experience together! Oh yes - I vote YES to the relay - you'll love it!!!

  3. I have 2 people on the to get one more :) Excited!

  4. I think I increase my heart rate more when I'm driving on icy roads like you described than I do from working out. It makes me soooo nervous. Glad you got home safely.

  5. I definitely go to the gym less in the winter. It's just so cold, and I'd rather stay home and get in my jammies :) But I need to suck it up and go... only when the roads are okay of course.