Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September

Happy September 1!  In Alabama, it is still HOT HOT HOT and HUMID, but with the beginning of September, I know that Fall and cooler temps are just around the corner. I am excited about cooler weather, but sad to see the days get shorter again. It definitely makes it harder for me to get in runs at night. I did purchase a flashing waist light today at Target and an LED bracelet at the dollar store. So I will still be able to get a few runs in during my early evenings home from work which will soon before few and far between.

Tonight's workout was a sweaty two miles. Sweaty and itchy because I forgot to spray down with bug spray!


  1. Im excited about fall coming too.... I like your idea of getting lights to wear, I'm gonna have to do that too. great run tonight!

  2. Ha, sweaty and itchy workouts no fun! But you got a workout in so go you!