Friday, May 14, 2010

Dropo 5k

I am behind with updates this week because things have been WILD!!! Last Saturday I completed my second 5k. It was fun, but not as much fun as my first one! One of my biggest complaints with this race was the lack of traffic support. They did not close the streets for the event, and the few traffic officers present really did nothing to protect the races. At one point I came within inches of being hit by a car driven by a CRAZY yardsale goer :) It scared me to death, and I stopped at that point and walked for about 30 second while I regained my composure.
I thought I had driven the course the night before, but somehow I must have missed a street or turned the wrong direction when driving, because the course I drove was not the course that was ran. I was confused, beyond hot, but somehow I kept going.
I didn't improve my time, but I still finished and that is the main thing for me!

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  1. I am so proud of you! 2 5k's you wild woman WOO HOO! It is frustrating when they do not have enough support for you. Do not let it discourage you! make sure you do more, each one is different.
    Keep it up my friend you are awesome ;)