Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink Dress Run & New 5k PR

I have been really excited about Fran's Pink Dress Run all week. I knew this would be my first attempt to break my 5k PR which is one of my Drop Dead Gorgeous Goals.
I decided last night that I would treat this run just like an official run and set a starting time of 8AM. Last night, I decided that it would be fun to make an official Pink Dress Run Bib!

I got up at 6 and ate a small breakfast, 1 cup of dark chocolate almost milk and 1/2 an ounce of raw almonds. I then got dressed kissed my sweet sleeping husband goodbye and headed to the gym to jump on the treadmill.
I was just as excited and nervous driving to this "run" as I have been for all of my Road Races. I wondered if I would be able to beat my previous 5k time of 40:28. 

When I got the gym, it was FULL! There was one treadmill open, so I hopped on and set off. There is a 5k setting on the gym treadmills, but I have only used it once. I thought it would be fun to count down the kilometers rather than miles,so I typed it in and I was off. I kept a 5mph pace the first 3 km, then dropped down to a fast walk for 2 minutes to bring my HR down and take a sip of water. Then I brought the speed back up. As I started the 4k I started to get a bit of a side stitch and had to slow back down. I was able to finish the last 4 minutes at my quickest pace of 5.5 mph and finished at 38:39!  Woohoo! I had broken my previous time!!! It took me a few minutes to cool down, then I called Tommy to let him know. And texted my friend Crystal. She was excited for me! I stopped at the grocery to pick up some items to make Egg White and veggie scrambles for my post run breakfast, and then headed home.

I want to THANK Fran for hosting this run and Syl for introducing me to Fran's blog. I had a great time today knowing that I was running "with" all of you wonderful bloggers!

Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Way to go - that is a great time!! I love that you made yourself an official racing bib.

  2. Love the bib! Way to get yourself into it. And congrats on the PR! That is great!!!!!


  3. Love that bib!!! You have so much spirit.

    Sure, I'd love a partner for November Throwdown! Thanks to Rae! (If you haven't found one yet...just let me know if you have.) You have definitely been running longer than I have...but I feel like our goals are similar. Should we email???

  4. The bib is so cute and congrats on your run...

  5. Woot! Way to go, Jessica. Maybe I'll do this with you next time--it sounds fun. Don't know if I can break my PR though; you did an awesome job.
    I love the 2nd picture of you--you look great.

  6. Congrats on your Pink Dress Run results! I also did that race and like you I made myself a race bib too (gotta make it as official as possible)!! :)

  7. Wow that was a fantastic time you did that 5km....I cant do that, my best is about 33 mins...and then I am dying.

  8. I'm sorry I'm so late with my reaction but thank you for joining us and congrats on your new PR!

    I love your race bib.