Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Spaghetti Squash is rocking my world! Last night I baked it, and served it with marinara and turkey meatballs yum! I made noodle for T, but I didn't want any the squash was so good :)

2. Yesterday after work, the treadmills at the gym were full ( they are doing some kind of incentive program right now, and the gym is crazy...I am glad people are trying to live more healthy lives, but I miss being able to jump on the treadmill whenever I want...). It was a nice night, so I decided to do the "Road Kill Run." at home. As I ran, a heard of dogs started following me. I am sure it was hilarious for anyone driving by to see an overweight woman running on a country road with 5 dogs following behind. One dog actually ran all the way home with me, so I had to try to remember where he joined me and walk him back to his house. Then he followed me home again! Tommy thought it was hilarious and called me a dog thief, but I felt really guilty. After he followed me home again, we closed the shades and turned off all the light hoping he would head back to his house, and eventually he did....poor Humphrey (my pup) was having a complete fit in the house! Oh what a night! Two dogs barking, the fire alarm beeping (decided it needed new batteries during the chaos) and Tommy cracking up!

3.  Still having a good time with the Power of 10 challenge. Yesterday, I put the pedometer in my pocket instead of clipping it on...big mistake because at the end of my work day I only had about 2000 steps (and I had walked a mile on my lunch break). When I realized that it wasn't counting all my steps, I clipped it on for the rest of the night. Good thing I did the 5k walk/jog followed by walking the other pup back to his house, or I would have had a hard time getting in those 10,000 steps. I can't imagine what kind of number I would have seen had it been really tracking my steps all day! :)


  1. Spaghetti squash sounds so good with marinara and turkey meatballs! I've been wanting to try it. Were you worried the dogs might try to attack you? I'm glad it was a friendly pack!

  2. I love spaghetti squash but don't make it too often, thanks for the reminder ;-)

  3. I had the exact same thing for dinner....twice this week! I'm addicted. So glad to hear you are liking the spaghetti squash. Hopefully things settle back to normal at the gym for you soon.

  4. That story abou the dog is so cute!