Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Zucchini Ribbons, Pedometer, and Time Goals

1. Last night I made Zucchini Ribbons for dinner. Have any of you tried these? Basically, you just cut off the ends of your Zucchini, and use a mandolin to cut long ribbons. (You could do this with a sharp knife, too.) Then I sauteed them with a bit of olive oil and Italian Seasoning. Super Yummy and Quick! This will definitely be added to the rotation :)

2. Some of you made have read on my sidebar that I lost my pedometer last week. We had Family Night at the library, and with such a wild night, it fell off at some point without me noticing.We wore costumes, and when I changed into my costume, I noticed that I had already hit 10,000 steps with all the prep work for the event. I probably should have just taken it off then, but I didn't.  I am sure a child thought it was a toy (we were giving out many small prizes during the event) and took it home. I was using my husband's pokewalker, and it really did look like a toy. I put up signs around the library, but so far nothing. I plan to order a replacement this afternoon, and when it comes in I will continue my Power of 10.

3. Last night, I beat a PR for my one mile and finished in 11:43. I was really excited. I had not paid much attention to my 1mile times in a while, but after finishing Saturday with a better time than I had expected, I decided to do an official time. New goal will be to finish in 11:30 or better :)


  1. The ribbons sound good. I wonder if they'd crisp up, after seasoning, under the broiler ... I may try that.

    I'm sorry you lost your pedometer, but you are probably right. It is at home with a wee one somewhere. I am going to start a walking program, Jessica. What pedometer do you use? I need to hunt for a good one.

    GREAT job on beating a PR. It is fun to challenge yourself. Keep up the good work!

  2. Aw...I hope your pedometer turns up. That's too bad!
    Congrats on running such a quick mile. You know, I've never actually timed myself for a mile. I wonder if I could run it straight? I have been doing 5-min intervals for forever now, but I haven't seen how far I can just "go" in one shot.
    I will definitely have to try making zucchini ribbons. The name alone makes them sound delicious! ;)

  3. Sorry to hear you lost your pedometer. Reminds me I've got one in the closet, might be a good idea to wear it again for a week or two to see how many steps I take nowadays.

    Congrats on the PR!

    I don't eat zucchini that much, I do like it but my husband doesn't which is the reason I don't use it that often.

  4. Beating PR's is worthy of so much celebration. Progress comes in many forms, and the scale is just one form. PRs, NSVs, just as important if not more so.

    Nice Blog!

  5. The zucchini sounds delicious! But that stinks about the pedometer! The one I had in college was great, it clipped on to your pants but it also had a little metal clip that you attached separately in case it slipped off. When I first got the pedometer I'm using now, it fell off about 15 times a day! I ended uo looping a piece of string around the top of the clip, knotting one end, then pinning the knot to my pants.