Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. A couple of weeks ago, Tommy found a pair of toning shoes on sale. They were 40% percent off, and we had a coupon for an additional 30% off. In all, we got the shoes for $20. I had not really thought much about purchasing the toning shoes until we got such a good deal on them, but I am glad we bought them. When I first wore them, it almost felt like huge pieces of gum were stuck to the bottom of the shoes, but now I am becoming more familiar. Do any of y'all  have the toning walking shoes?

2. This weekend, I am doing another breast cancer race. This one is local and I will be running with my 6-year-old niece. We will be doing the 1 mile fun run together and she is really excited.  She really wanted to do the event last week, but since it was out of town and something new for us, we weren't sure if children would be allowed. She told her Mom that she wanted to do something to help Aunt Rosie too, so I found this little local race. I am looking forward to doing this with her, and hope it is a memory that will last with her a long time.

3. The Power of 10 challenge has been going well for me. So far, I have reached or exceeded 10,000 steps every day except the day we traveled for the "Race for the Cure." I worked half a day, and then spent quite a bit of time in the car...and at the end of the day I only a a little over 7,000 steps. But that's okay...I exceeded 10,000 the next day. There have  been a couple of  nights when I was 1000 or so short and just wanted to call it a night, but made myself  hit the driveway until my 10,000 were complete. This has been a great challenge, and I hope to continue with it even after October.


  1. As an advocate for cancer patients myself, thank you for participating in races to further the cause. We can never do enough for people living with cancer.

  2. Good luck at the race! I was training on the couch 2 5K in preparation for the Race for the Cure here a couple weeks ago, but I injured my knee and had to stop workout out for a bit. I was totally bummed, but I guess I have a lot more time to get ready for next year's breast cancer run! ;P

  3. I'm sending 'good weather vibes' your way for the run. Now, get it done in 10-minutes, okay? :) You are doing an awesome job, Jess!