Monday, October 18, 2010

Power of Pink Race with Annalee

Saturday, I participated in a local race called the Power of Pink with my six-year-old niece Annalee. She is actually my cousin's daughter, but I have always considered her a niece and I am her "Aunt Jess" :)

The week before, her mother participated in the Race for the Cure with me. Annalee wanted to have a friend stay the night the weekend we were out of town for Race for the Cure, but her Mom explained that she couldn't have company that weekend because we would be out of town doing a race for Aunt Rosie. Annalee asked why Kacy was racing for Aunt Rosie, and she explained that we were doing the race to help raise money so that the doctors could learn new ways to help sick people like Aunt Rosie feel better. Annalee then told her Mom that she wanted to race for Aunt Rosie.

When Kacy told me about the whole conversation, I told her than I knew there would be a local race the next week that included a 1mile fun run, and that I could run it with her. Annalee was very excited. When I picked her up bright and early Saturday morning, she answered the door with a huge hug and told her little brother she was going with Aunt Jess to do something very important. On the car ride to the race, we went over some rules about sticking together. We actually arrived before the 5k event started in order to get parking...she was anxious as we waited for our turn to race.

We had a great run, though we had to stop twice to tie her shoes. LOL She was full speed about until we had less than a quarter mile left to go, the she said she was tired and wanted her Momma. I pointed ahead in the distance to the finish line and told her we could make it just a little longer. We finished in 12:08! (I thought that was really good considering two shoe tying breaks!)

When we finished the race she was starving! She had not eaten breakfast that morning, but I didn't know until minutes before the race was to begin. She ate three granola bars and a full bottle of water. We were so excited during the awards ceremony when she won 3rd place for her age group (0-9).

We had an AMAZING day together, and I am so happy that I could pass on this healthy hobby to her! As we were saying our good-byes she asked when we would race again! :)

Get Set...GO!
Annalee running with Aunt Jess!

She was starving! And they were out of bananas from the 5k!

Third Place!


  1. Thanks for sharing the race report - this is so incredible on so many levels. You're lucky to have such an inspired (and inspiring!) little girl in your life. I love her t-shirt! Where can I get one of those? ;)

  2. This is so wonderful! Your new "healthiness"(is that even a word???) is contagious!!! Yaaay for you!

    Keep inspiring. And, love the pics!


    and yeah.
    Im shouting.


  4. She is an awesome little girl! I am glad that she has such wonderful role models to aspire to! You are all an inspiration!

  5. Hai,

    Cool that you are joining the virtual run.

    What a cool idea to run with your niece!