Monday, September 5, 2011

Friends Make Fitness Fun!

Joy was tough competition this week, but I pulled it out thanks to my Tuesday session at the gym waiting for Zumba to start.
Want to join us next week? It is easy. Just shoot me an email saying you want to be a part of the challenge for the week and then keep a journal of your exercise for the week. (I will send you an email with what counts.) On Sunday you will list your fitness minutes for the week (Mon-Sat) and the blogger with the most minutes wins!!!


  1. You rock!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    Stay focused!!!

  2. Good job!! Zumba is such a good workout because it's just so FUN!! :)

  3. Nice job again this week!!!

    Re: longer distances
    A week after I started running for a few minutes at a 20:00 pace on the treadmill, I signed up for a half marathon. I couldn't run for very long, but I started increasing my mileage anyway. Before I knew it, I didn't need to walk anymore. Just increase your long run by a mile or two every few weeks (but not every week, and cut back on your mileage and long run every so often). If you can run a 5k, you can train for a half. :) If you have any questions or want more details, let me know!! :)

  4. I've never tried Zumba...and I really need to!!