Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Getting excited about the Power of Pink 5k this weekend. I will be run/walking it with a friend from the gym. It is her first, and I told her I would stay with her! I know she is going to do awesome :) And we will both have a great time for a good cause!

2. Saturday I was practicing some of my Zumba moves at home. I had downloaded the music and was having a blast. Tommy looked over at me and said I looked like I was having convulsions. LOL I have laughed about it all week. I may not have much rhythm, but I sure have fun!

3. I will be ramping up my running more in October. More details tomorrow!


  1. Good luck at your race this weekend!

  2. have an awesome race rocking the POWER OF PINK!!


  3. Good luck! Not that you need it. I know you'll be a rockstar. :)

  4. Good luck at the race!!! I miss racing - enjoy it for me, too!