Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 194 Change: -.5
Previous Low Weight: 190
Lbs from Short Term Goal: 18.5

Weight Refection: 
Down Half a pound. This seems to be my regular now and I am ok with that...if I only lose half a pound a week, I will still lose over 20 pounds in a year. Of course I wish it were more, but I'll take what I can get. My calorie intake was good this week...and I did well with keeping my total carbs under 100 during the weekdays. I have read that watching carb intake is very important with hypo-thyroid...and started noticing the half pound/1 pound losses when I am watching carbs. I am also adding 1tsp of coconut oil on my lunch salads...I want to slowly increase my coconut oil to 1 tbs per day and see if I notice any changes.
Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 30 Minutes
30 Minute Arms class  (THIS KILLED ME!!!  I even thought I might puke...gotta do this class again!)
10 Minute Power Walking - I had inteded to do 40 mins after class, but that arm class really got me!
Tuesday: Total 135Minutes
25 mins hi/lo class  (This was like an aerobics class from the 80s...not for me)
35 mins cycling
15 mins Treadmill
60 mins Zumba
*My Tuesday Zumba class doesn't start until 7:00- and I get off work at 5:00. I have been running a few errands...before hitting the gym, but I wanted to try that hi/lo class this week.

Wednesday: 70 Minutes
 70 Minutes walking at the park...and it was HOT!  Very Sweaty

Thursday: Rest Day!!  Hated to miss Zumba with Derrick (my fave instructor) but had fun with the girls!

Friday:Total 40 mins
 40 Mins Zumba  (This class is supposed to be 45 mins, but when I checked my time it was only 40 mins)

Saturday:Wanted to make up Thursday's Workout..but couldn't do it with the toe...I did walk about 30 mins in shoes, but it was so slow my HR never got up so I am not counting it -Rest Day

Weekly Total: 4 hrs  35mins   (275  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I think it is crazy that my total minutes was the exact same as last week and my workouts were different!

Work Out Goals for This Week:
I will not let my toe keep my from working out!!! This week may be very strength training heavy, but I WILL WORKOUT!!!


  1. YOU BET ME AGAIN ~~~ AUGH!!! OK missy.....I'm working it this week!!

    Fanstastic job - keep it up my Friend!!!

    Keep focused!

  2. Great job with the workouts! Very proud of you for committing to keep going, even with the toe - I would definitely use it as a free pass to laziness!

  3. Well done! I really like how your blog is structured.

  4. Nice job! You are keeping that scale moving!

    Great workouts again this week. :)

  5. Ok I got it now. I will be sure to post a more detailed list next week. Way to go! I counted my half last week, but i guess it actually would go towards this week. That is a lot of time at the gym! I will be interested to see hoe much I am actually getting in!

  6. I'm impressed with your attitude! Both the fact that you recognize that a slower weight loss than you would have liked is still good AND the fact that you work out despite your hurt toe! Good job! :)