Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My toe is doing much, much, much better!!! It may take some time to grow back out, but it's not stopping me :) So far this week I have "Walked Away the Pounds", jogged on the treadmill, and danced the night away at Zumba class :) I have kept it wrapped until today...and so far so good!

2.  I have been saying for weeks that I need to get back to I did something that would ensure that I would get back to it. I signed up for a 5k. It is the first weekend in October. The Power of Pink race...a local Breast Cancer Awareness Race. Last year I did it with my little niece, remember? This year I talked a Zumba friend into doing it with me!!! YAY! It will be her first! And I know we will have a blast!

3. Have you guys tried these??? YUM!!!! Frozen Bananas dipped in dark chocolate!!! They come in little trays with 8 slices per tray for 100 calories. Tommy and I have been splitting a tray after dinner! Perfect little dessert!


  1. Great idea on the 5K! Great cause, too! Rock it, ladies!

    I have to find those banana treats. OMG! They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those banana snacks look so delicious!!! I will have to find them!

  3. The bananas look awesome....

  4. Chocolate covered bananas are my favorite...I MUST find these gems!!!

    Congrats on the 5K...

    Glad your toe is better...

    (And put me in the mix for this week's sure I will be dead last...unless you have some stuff on the list that might not be "traditional" fitness!).

    Looking forard to hearing from you!

  5. Good luck with the 5k! You're awesome :)

    Genius! I'm gonna keep my eye out for those.

  6. I'm glad your toe is doing better! Geesh, you're already so active again! Nothing can stop you. :)

    Nice job signing up for the 5k; a race is great motivation!

    Mmmm, bananas and chocolate....

    Thanks for the crock pot recipe, and THANKS for letting me know liners exist. I had no idea!

  7. Those banana dippers look soooo good!! I have never heard of them!

  8. oh yum..those look good!

    I'm glad your toe is doing better too :)