Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Workouts, ugh?

For some reason, I hate working out on Wednesdays lately. I think it is mental. It is the middle of the week, and I just want to go home and be lazy with Tommy (who is off all day on Wednesday). I also don't have a Wednesday plan of attack right now. During the summer, Wednesdays were my Spinning Day. I had fun getting together for this class. And now, Wednesday is just a free for all, and I usually don't know what I will do until I actually get to the gym and see what equipment is available.
Today, I am hoping to tackle the Summit Trainer again. That cardio machine kicks my butt!

Do you like having a schedule for your workouts...or deciding as you go?


  1. Totally have days like that! How come you can't take the spinning class? Is it over?

    Keep up the great work my Friend!!

    Stay focused!

  2. Yes- no Wednesday group now :( I ended up going to my gym's sister club and doing Zumba there. I wouldn't want to do that drive every week, but when I am dreading cardio I will make the trip!

  3. I miss having a gym to use! I didn't have a set schedule per se, but would alternate running with using the elliptical or recumbent biking. Sometimes it's nice, though, to break free from the schedule and do whatever you want, just enjoy being active!

  4. I try to have a general type schedule of what I want to accomplish that week. :)