Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change: 0
Previous Low Weight: 190
Lbs from Short Term Goal: 18.5

Weight Refection: 
I stayed the same this week. If you look back to last month, I stayed the same then too. Hormonal shifts or something, maybe?

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 60 minutes
I just wanted to stay home on Labor Day instead of driving into town. I did the WATP Super Challenge 4 mile DVD. I enjoyed this DVD and will try to add it back into the rotation on occasion.

Tuesday: Total 105Minutes
45 mins Treadmill- I ran Woohoo!
60 mins Zumba
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 70 mins
70 mins Zumba- Derricks class went long...and I was pooped!!! I usually try to do a little warm up on the treadmill or bike before the last starts, but glad I didn't this day...I don't think I would have made it to the end of class. 

Friday:Total 45mins
20 minutes treadmill running
15 mins elliptical
10 mins cycling

Saturday:I needed to get in a workout, but I just had too much to do. House cleaning was a must...then we had company for the football game.

Weekly Total: 4 hrs  40mins   (280  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I'm glad I didn't let my toe stop my workouts this week.

Work Out Goals for This Week:
I *may* miss both Zumba classes this week because of work. I know I will miss Thursday for sure. My goal is to get at least 200 minutes and three sessions of running. 
*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)


  1. Nothing wrong with not losing the weight as long as you are not putting it on, you did good this even if you don't see it...........

  2. Sooo smoked me my friend. I had a horrible week. I will post soon...

    Congrats on a great week!!

    Keep focused

  3. Sometimes a non loss is actually a success! I bet next week will be great! Your workouts look great!


  4. Great workouts this week! Hormonal things could definitely be the cause. I can't wait to read the next weekly update!

  5. So, how does one go about joining your challenge? I love being competitive... :)

    And staying the same is always better than gaining! Good job love!

  6. Some weeks we stay the same. I just switched up my weigh in days to Monday so this should get interesting. I need to keep myself in check over the weekend.

  7. If I could just have your motivation to workout... My butt would be tighter. I'm sure of it ;) You're doing great girl! :D