Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am super excited about Zumba tonight because I talked my cousin Molly into going with me! I hope she likes it and will agree to come again! I love the girls in my class, but I would also love to be able to share the fun with Molly. She is ten years younger than me, and I adore her!!!

Here is a picture of us during the Relay for Life event last spring!

2.  I am so excited about Fall! The mornings have been so crisp and wonderful. Just puts me in a great mood! It also makes me CRAVE pumpkin anything :) haha  Every year I make a pumpkin fluff (just a tub of cool whip, box of FF SF butterscotch pudding, and a can of pumpkin.) Tommy has already started asking about it, so I might try to make it this weekend. Last week I made pumpkin muffins (a box of spice cake and a can of pumpkin) and he loved them...I also shared them with my friend Melissa and she couldn't get enough. She couldn't believe there was no oil, eggs, or butter in them.

3.  I am excited to see everyone's workouts for the week on Sunday! This week my goal was to not skip the Wednesday night workout! Goal accomplished! I got in a short workout right after work before heading to celebrate my Mother In Law's birthday :)


  1. Those muffins sound AMAZING!!!!!

  2. The muffins sound so good! I want autumn foods like pumpkin and apples but it's still so warm here, it's hard to feel like it's fall!

  3. Yes, those muffins sound amazing! Will have to try! How many calories do you estimate each is worth?

  4. Hey guys- I think the muffins would be able 72 calories each.

    The dry cake mix is 160 cal per serving times 10= 1600
    The can of pumpkin was 150 calories
    = 1750 calories total ...and I got 24 muffins..

    so about 72 calories per muffin :)

  5. Ooo I am going to have to try both of those~!

  6. I love fall too!! Pumpkin bars...YUM!!

    Way to go on your exercise. You are doing great!!!

    Keep up the awesome work and stay focused!