Monday, January 7, 2013

Girls Love Shoes

I have been needing shoes for months now...too many months now! And with this purchase, I wanted to get properly "fitted" again. I think it is very important to get your running/walking shoes fitted when you can. Unfortunately, I don't have a local running store that does shoe fitting, and haven't been fitted for shoes since 2010 when I first started running 5ks.
I am on an overnight business trip and decided to check in to running stores while I was in a bigger city. After a bit of web browsing, I discovered there was a running store a couple of miles from my hotel. After check-in, I headed over to see what brands they sold and what type of evaluations they did. I was so impressed with Montgomery Multisport! The awesome guy that helped me went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my shoes. He started by asking questions about my current workouts and goals for the future. Then he measured my feet, did a digital foot analysis to measure my arches, and  watched me run on a treadmill (and gave me a few pointers on form). After all that the real fun started.  I got to try on a ton of shoes!  Seriously, he just kept pulling out shoes for me to try by walking around the store and jogging on the treadmill. I think I tried on at least 10 different pairs of shoes. It was a tough decision, but I chose......(drum roll please...)

The Mizuno Wave Enigma 2!! And I love them!
If you haven't been fitted for shoes, I encourage you to do it! So worth it!


  1. Hi Jessica. Happy New Year. I got fitted this summer and I'm glad I did. It was a good experience, except there was a high school cross-country team in the store, too. Talk about a blow to your body image!

  2. So cute and my favorite color!! It sounds like you got your workout in while shopping :) I did not even know that you could get fitted for running shoes until a few years ago. It is a pretty awesome experience.