Friday, January 25, 2013

YAY Friday...My Week in Review!

Week in Review!

How was your food this week?
Food was great. Continued with my elimination of nuts. I was also very careful with my evening carbs. This week, the majority of my carbs came from Fruits and Veggies...very little starches.

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday- 5k on treadmill using Week 3 Cto5k intervals.
Monday- 3mi Walk Away the Pounds with band
Tuesday- 2.25 miles using  Week 3 Cto5k intervals.
Wednesday-  2mi Walk Away the Pounds with band
Thursday-  2miles using  Week 3 Cto5k intervals. + Strength training with Bryan (friend from the gym).
Friday- REST DAY!! YAY!

 What is on tap for the weekend?
Tommorrow with my Zumba and Sunday will be Week 4 intervals. T and I will be doing a little half-day trip tomorrow. He has to pick up some things out of town, and I am hoping we can stop in a near by state park for a bit of fun :)

 Other new!
Next week is my first official 5k of the year. Hoping for nice weather!

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  1. Jessica you are doing AWESOME!!!!!! Keep it up! I am excited for next weekend for you!! WOOT WOOT!