Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge- Week 4

This week's positive picture:
This is a picture of my first 5k. If the weather is nice, I will be running this race again this weekend. The race is about an hour from my house, and then we will be heading about 4 hours south to catch a few baseball games. We have a threat for storms and tornadoes this week. But I am hoping for a good run Saturday morning and good baseball that night (and maybe a swim at the hotel pool!)   :)

Question Time: 
What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?*Weekly Question
Goal 1- Face and Floss- Got the face done everyday...and flossed everyday except Friday Night.
Goal 2- 150 feet miles- I am at 39
Goal 3- Fitness Class -I actually got in 3 classes this week. They all paired will with my strength training goal. I did a Muscles class and Strictly Strength twice. LOVED the Strictly Strength class. It included lots of squats, dumbbell work, bar and bench work, and stretching. I will be doing more of this class :) 
Goal 4- Fitness Adventures with Humphrey- Sunday we went to the park and walked a mile. He was worn out after and slept the rest of the day LOL
Goal 5- Vitamins and Supplements- Missed Saturday.
Goal 6- Strength Training- Got in 3/3!

What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
I supported a friend during a difficult week.
Fill in the blanks:
__Reading to Children__ comes naturally to me.
__Gardening__does not come naturally to me.
I wish __running__ came naturally to me.

Fun Question:  What is your favorite Easter candy? Are you allowing yourself some this year?
I love Peeps! I got some in my Easter Basket that the hubby made for me, but haven't eaten any yet. I did have a Cadbury Egg and a mini peanut butter cup :)


  1. great job on your goals this week!!

    i have been eating Easter candy like crazy...any kind of m&m if it is in pastel colors...i am there!!

  2. Peeps? You mean you can really eat them? Ack! I just thought they were for looks.

    My favorite is Cadbury anything! Yum!!

    Stay focused!

  3. Good luck at your race! Hope you finally get to swim. :)

  4. You will rock that race!!!!!!! :)

  5. Love this recap of your weekly goals!
    Favorites are Peeps and mini eggs...yum!

  6. Love your positive pic!
    My guilty pleasure is PB eggs. I had 2 this year. More than enough.

  7. favorite easter candy - Cadbury mini eggs!

  8. Yum Easter candy! I'm a fan of jelly beans. I did have a 10 but not too many.

  9. You're doing so great! Your blog is always so uplifting and inspiring!