Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Closer to my Goal!

Last night I ran two miles in 24:54!
This is my best 2 mile time. I am moving closer and closer to my 2 miles in 24 minutes goal! WooHoo! 
Today I am going to try to beat my one mile PR! A quick run this morning on my early lunch break...then I will be on the road all afternoon. Hopefully this evening I can get in a little walk...or maybe take Humphrey for his weekly adventure :)

Happy Hump Day :)


  1. Good can do it...

  2. Oh yay!! you're soooo close!!!

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! You are so close that it is just a matter of time before you reach your goal! So excited to know you're so close! Makes me feel motivated!

    Great job Jess!

  4. WAY TO GO!!! That is so awesome! I hope to be able to run like that one day!! Keep it up!!!

    Stay focused!!!

  5. HOORAY!!! Awesome progress - you'll get that 24:00 in no time!