Friday, April 8, 2011

The Fail...

Last night my gym plan was to run a casual 1.5 miles and then do a Muscles class after.  The run went great...actually it was a bit faster than a casual run...and I headed to the class. The class was an epic FAIL! About the third move I started feeling woozy...and decided it was best if I left early. When I got to my car I felt completely defeated! I think I made the right decision to leave early because I honestly feel I would have passed out if I had kept going. My food was good for the day, so I couldn't explain the wooziness on lack of calories.
Then I got home and had dinner...AND THEN...I scarfed down a bag of micro popcorn with chocolate chips mixed in! :(   I tried to convince myself that I was really hungry, but I think it was feeling defeated about the class...and resulted in mindless eating. All in all, I wasn't way over in calories for the day, but I am aggravated that I turned to food because of emotions and not hunger.


  1. =(

    Glad you stopped class when you did. You probably overworked yourself in the run which resulted in fatigue in the class. Don't be too hard on yourself about the popcorn and choc chips! I'm kinda mad at you though b/c that sounds delicious and now I want some!

  2. Oh no....that late night snack!!!!! :)

  3. It's so difficult when things like that happen (especially when you felt woozy in class!) - but atleast you recognize emotional eating and will hopefully do better next time! It's okay, lady, this whole weight-loss thing is a big learning experience!! Keep on keepin' on and have a great weekend!

  4. Hate it when that happens!! I was having a great day today and ended up eating 2 cupcakes. One..I was able fit into my calories for the day. The other...bumped me over. Frustrates me!! All we can do is just keep pushing forward and make better choices from now on!!

    Keep fighting and stay focused!!