Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mind Dump

There is so much  going on in my head today...so I thought I would just throw it all out here bullet style :)

* My best friend lost his father yesterday. It was expected, but I don't think you are ever really prepared to say goodbye. My heart breaks for him and I wish I knew how to comfort him. When my Dad passed away he flew in from graduate school...and then flew back again the next week to be a part of my wedding. I hope that I can be at least half the comfort to him that he was to me. It is just so hard knowing a friend is hurting.
An old picture of us...

*Yesterday Debbie and Shannon asked about my reflections on my 30 Day challenge. When I started the 30 days, my easy pace one- mile took about 13:20...now I am very comfortable at a 12 minute mile. I wish I would have kept a tally of exactly how many miles I ran during the challenge. During the 30 days I did not lose any weight...but that's OK I will get there eventually...I just have to keep moving forward.

*  I went and had lab work done last week and they are changing the dosage of my thyroid medicine...I have to go back in one month for more lab work. I have read that it can take up to a year to get thyroid levels balanced out...but I am still hopeful that it won't take that long. (If anyone has any experience with this please give me some words of advise or encouragement...this is so frustrating!)

*  I didn't get to swim while we were out of town this weekend :(      I was really disappointed. The first day the pool was closed because they were having a prom at the hotel that night...when we came in that night the pool looked gorgeous with floating lit flowers all in it... and the prom kids looked nice too. On Sunday morning, the pool didn't open until 9 and we were checking out at 10...just not enough time. Maybe next trip.

* I really hate to see people being mean to others about their weight.  This weekend at the baseball game, the high school kid that was working as a bat boy was possibly 15lbs over weight. He was tall with a muscular build (very football player type body). At one point during the game, he didn't see a ball laying on the field after a play...and the home team's catcher yelled at him to pretend that the ball was a cupcake and run after it. I was just shocked by the rudeness. And I felt really bad for the kid...I mean this was opening weekend for that team, and possibly the kid's first day on the job...and now he will be reminded of that player's comment every time he works(or maybe he can just let it roll off). It just really irked me! SO unkind...

* Yesterday was an emotional day after hearing about my friend's father. I had planned on a shorter run that night, but not knowing what the week entails (with funeral arrangements) I wanted to go ahead and get my Jelly Bean 5k finished. My time was 40:07 which is not my best, but I caught myself drifting off in thought during parts of the running...just so many thoughts swirling...and memories of my own Dad. After the run, I felt better than I had all day! Isn't is great how a nice run can do that for you?

* I am hoping to conquer the Muscles class this evening if everything goes as plan...wish me luck! (I'll need it!!)


  1. I'm so sorry about your friends dad.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend's dad...my thoughts and prayers go out to your friend and his family. Plus how tough it must be for everything it has brought up for you...it really is crazy how much a run can help.

    The comment about the kid's weight made me SO sad and SO frustrated because I feel like things like that happen all the time among kids...they may not understand it then but they hold it with them for a long time after...so sad.

    I do not know much about thyroid problems but I am hoping for the best for you!!

    Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and CONGRATS on finishing the jelly bean 5k!

    have a good day :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your friends dad... having friends and family there for you in difficult times is the best thing for early grief.

  4. I cannot believe that catcher said that to that kid!!! I hate when people talk down to others or insult people for their weight or ANY physical attribute for that matter. Some people are cruel and some people don't understand that words hurt.

    Again, I'm so sorry for your friend's loss and I'm sorry that this has brought up so many emotions of your own father. I'd like to know a little about your father so one day, when you feel up to it, you should do a post about your dad!

    I'm so proud of you for finishing your challenge! Don't worry about that scale! Throw it out the window at this point! You are doing what you have to do and the doctors will figure it all out and get your body into doing what it needs to do!

    You are an amazing person!

  5. I'm sorry about your friend's dad.

    Good luck at Muscle Class tonight!

  6. My sympathies for your friend!
    Good luck this week!!

  7. Sorry about your loss. Its never easy, especially when it reminds you of other losses. And I am so glad that you got out on a run. There have been so many times when running really helps us feel better. I am so glad you experienced that. Hope all is well, and that they figure out your meds for you! Hang in there!


  8. So sorry for your friends loss. I lost my dad when I was 4 and my step dad when I was in my mid twenties. It's not easy living life without your dad! I miss mine for sure!

    Keep focused on your goals.

    Happy Easter!

  9. Tnking of your friend--a loss lik that can't be prepared for.

    That comment towards the bat boy made me sick.

    Great job completing your Jelly Bean 5k! And, the title of this post is awesome--sometimes we need a mind dump on our blogs! ;)

  10. You friend sounds like a great person. I wish him the best in dealing with his father's passing.

    Nice job getting faster!

    Wow, kids really are awful to each other. Could the kids have been friends? Maybe the cupcake thing is an inside joke? Or maybe the batboy teases the other boy, too? I hope the catcher isn't as awful as he sounds!