Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge Update

This morning I completed day 15 of my Challenge to Run 1 mile every day for 30 Days. I am half way finished with this is all down hill from here. Of course, something could come up to cause me to have to skip a day again...and have to start over with Day 1, but I am very hopeful to make it to 30 Days this time!
You might remember that I started this challenge on March 1. I was able to complete 12 days, but then took a few days off because of a sinus infection that the doctor was concerned could turn to pneumonia. But I am proud to say that in March I ran 26 days :) and over 60 miles :) That is exciting :)


  1. Wow! Good job getting 15 days in a row. I'd say that March was pretty darned great after all.

  2. This Sunday will make 14 days for me! Chugging along and doing great! So glad you're doing so great too! Keep up all that hard work girl!!!!!

    Whatcha hubby cooked lastnight? Also, your husband reminds me of my fiance Adam. Adam is a red head and wears glasses. LOL

  3. Wow that's amazing way to go! Stupid sinus infection. Disease always ruins my gym plans :P

  4. Great job!!! :) Keep up the awesome work, lady.

  5. Awesome challenge....would love to do this during summer months.
    Well done

  6. You are doing do Awesome!!! Keep it up. In know you will hit your goal!!! Nothing is stopping you!!

    Stay focused!!!