Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mid-Day Workout 1

Yesterday, I followed my plan to use my lunch break to go to the gym. It went pretty well. I drove over to the gym, quickly changed, did a bit of stretching, a few strength exercises on the stability ball. 3 miles on the recumbent bike with varying incline (10 minutes). And 1.25miles (20 mins) on the treadmill (incline 1.5, speed intervals varying from 3 t0 5mph) . Then I stretched and changed clothes. It was a fast and furious workout, but I enjoyed it. Today I get off early so I will hit the gym right after work around 3:30.
On days I plan to do the mid-day workout I will have to remember to pack a snack to eat around 10am. I usually eat breakfast early so I need a little something before I workout. I felt a bit woozy after the workout. Any snack suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Food yesterday was ok. Not great, but not bad either. I didn't get off until 7:30 last night and it take 30-45mins to get home, so instead of cooking when I got home, I picked up a roll at the sushi place near the library. But I hope to improve the food this week!


  1. Good for you, Jessica! It sounds like you really made the most of your lunch hour session. Here are some of my favourite healthy pre (or post!) workout snacks that don't require a lot of prep:
    - veggie sticks with hummus
    - 2 or 3 Ryvita crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese
    - a few almonds and an apple
    - an All Bran bar or Kashi granola bar
    - some yogurt mixed with berries or mixed with a handful of Kashi cereal

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Rae! Those are great suggestions. I am thinking the almonds and apple would probably be the easiest for me! I think I will pick some almonds up tonight...already have plenty of apples :)

  3. It must have been nice to have your workout over early in your day. For snacks, I tend to mix a protein and a carb. I always keep hard boiled eggs in my frig but I like a half of a natural peanut butter sandwich before a workout. I usually have it with a cup of soy milk.