Sunday, June 6, 2010

On the Road Again...

Tommy and I are back on the road following our favorite Double A Baseball team again this weekend and have had a blast! Yesterday we made a midway stop for shopping at The Summit. Lots of great walking plus loads of steep stairs. They don't call it the summit for nothing :) Then we had a yummy lunch at Whole Foods. The game was in Montgomery, and the Biscuit's Riverwalk Stadium was really nice in a stadium of yesteryear kind of way. We dealt with rain delays though out the night and think we will again today, too! But I don't mind short rain delays :)

The hotel we are staying at this weekend doesn't have a fitness room :( but I got very lucky because the franchise gym I use at home, Anytime Fitness, has a gym here, right down the street from the hotel. I checked it out this morning and loved it. When we visit Montgomery again, I know I will stop in for my workouts. This morning my workout included 25 minutes on the Nautilus Treadclimer and 10 mins on the bike, plus stretching. Have any of you used a Treadclimer before? I LOVED IT! Maybe it was because it was something new, but I had a blast and worked up a major sweat! The machine calorie burn showed 350 calories! (I know you can't always trust the machine counts though.) I hope I have another opportunity to use this machine!

Well, its almost time to check out. We are going to do a bit more shopping before this afternoon's game. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I didn't know that Nautilus machines were still around. The first gym I belonged to was called "Nautilus" and only used that type of equipment.

  2. I loved the nautilus equipment I used at the gym this weekend. I wish my regular gym had it. I had seen the treadclimber on an informercial and wondered how it would be. I LOVED it!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Good for you on tracking down the gym and trying the treadclimber, too.