Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Update and Pies

Zumba was a lot of fun last night with the teens at work. I am definitely going to schedule more "active" events for them to participate in during the year. After about 10 minutes these kids were huffing and puffing and trying to sit down. I told them I wasn't going to make smoothies if they didn't work up a sweat :) That got them going!

Today I am heading back to the plan is at least 2 miles on the treadmill, a couple miles on the bike ( I have been so busy on the tread that I have let the other machines get dusty :) ) and then some of the strength machines for my legs...

In other news, I would really like to make a fruit pie this weekend. I have never made a pie and have no clue how to do this.... Do any of you have a sure fire low cal pie recipe? Or at least an idea for a store bought crust that wouldn't be too high cal. Thanks!


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  2. A graham crust pie is always lower in calories. There are some good strawberry pie on line recipes that you can use sugar free jello and light cool whip with.

  3. You are doing so awesome! Way to go making the younger gals sweat ;) I would give you the same advice as Dawne on the pie. Let me know how it goes and share the recipe!

  4. I've always thought Zumba looked like a lot of fun. What a great idea to do more active things with the teens. That is an age group that seems to be getting less physical activity.