Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wednesday's Workout-

Things did not go exactly as planned yesterday, and I didn't get to the gym. I did do the 3mi Walk Away the Pounds DVD (45+mins) using 5lb weights. So it was a good workout in itself.
Today is another mid-day workout. I brought a snack to eat about an hour before I leave for the gym.
Plans for today-
15mins on treadmill
10 mins on elliptical
10 mins on bike

Food yesterday was the best it has been all week! :)


  1. I use those DVD's when I can't get out and run, with 5 pound weights too. I credit Lesley for my ability to run 6K regularly. Way to work it!!!

  2. Way to mix things up!

  3. Being flexible is important, it sounds like you had a good back up plan when you couldn't get to the gym. It would have been so easy to just blow it off.