Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Building Back Up!

Since my sketchy knee issue a few weeks ago, I haven't  been doing alot of  running. I have walked quite a bit, and worked on quarter-mile intervals, but no jogging more than a quarter-mile at a time. Yesterday I was determined to start building my jogging mileage back up again. Yesterday, I did my first mile long jog in weeks. I took it slow and easy and was a hot sweaty mess by the end of that mile. I walked another two mile for a 3 mile total. Today I am going to attempt 1.5 miles...if I am able to make that I will continue  gradually building up until I am back to running 5ks on a regular basis.  Wish me luck!

**Edit...when I got the the gym I had not brought a top. I had gym pants, sport's bra, shoes, socks, charged iPod...and no shirt (How does this happen...?) I thought about running to the mall to buy a top to wear, but knew that would make getting home even later and decided to use a rest day. I will be doing a midday workout on Wednesday with my 1.5 mile jogging attempt. :)


  1. She's back! You'll have your mileage up in no time, Jess. This weather isn't helping though, is it? It is so hot and humid around these parts. *gag*

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always fun finding new blogs to follow for me. I actually just signed up for my first half marathon (not until March), so I'll definitely be following your journey and getting some tips along the way! :)