Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous by December -Weekly Report 2

1. A picture of you holding up a positive sign for yourself.
My sign says, "In Control Away from Home!" to remind me that weekend trips aren't a reason for out of 
 control eating. I wish the picture was a little better because I am standing in a life size bird's nest at the Chattanooga Nature Center.

2. Your current week’s weight as well as your challenge start weight. *optional
Challenge Start Weight : 193.5
Current Weight: 193
3. Your goal(s) from now, or whenever you decide to join, until December.
Goal 1: 200 tracked workout miles...(treadmill, street runs,biking,elliptical,swimming,etc)  20 Miles tracked this week: 6 treadmill, 2 elliptical, 12 cycling
Goal 2: 5k in under 40 mins - Starting Couch to 5k again working on speed during run interval :Week 1 finished.
Goal 3: Journal food 5days a week- Journaled using Sparkpeople 5 days
Goal 4: New Goal- Doing something each week to make myself feel gorgeous- This week I treated myself to getting my eyebrows waxed. Having my eyebrows done always makes me feel a bit more put together, and it is something I don't treat myself to often enough!

4. ONE thing that you are proud of for the week.
Working everyday towards my goals.This was a tough week with my Aunt and Best Friend's son both in serious accidents, but I didn't allow the stress to influence my eating or fitness plans.
5. ONE thing that you can improve upon for the following week.
Strength training has always been a struggle for me. This week I will strength train at least one day by doing a half hour circuit ST workout at the gym.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week Jess! I agree - eyebrows make all the difference. I'm in the same boat when it comes to strength training. At least I managed to find some 5lb weights in the basement...small steps, right? ;)

  2. This challenge is really fun. I'm enjoying reading about your progress. You're doing a great job. Good luck this week, too!

  3. There is an award waiting for you on my blog...

  4. I left you an award on my site too!

  5. Strength training is like a little miracle the way it can sculpt your body. (Oh, my little secret when I want to feel good about myself is to wear my prettiest bra and panties. No one knows but you, but it does make a difference. Have you tried that yet?)