Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous by December -Weekly Report 1

Drop Dead Gorgeous Report Week 1
1. A picture of you holding up a positive sign for yourself.

2. Your current week’s weight as well as your challenge start weight. *optional
Challenge Start Weight : 193.5
Current Weight: 193.5
3. Your goal(s) from now, or whenever you decide to join, until December.
Goal 1: 200 tracked workout miles...(treadmill, street runs,biking,elliptical,swimming,etc)
Goal 2: 5k in under 40 mins
Goal 3: Journal food 5days a week

4. ONE thing that you are proud of for the week.
I guess this will be answered next week, but I am proud that I joined this challenge!
5. ONE thing that you can improve upon for the following week.
Consistent workouts


  1. Yes, you are! :) I'm going to get a poster board to hang up in my apartment so I can keep all my signs right there to inspire me! (And to write my goals on to keep them fresh in my mind!)

  2. Good luck on your challenge. I am wanting to do one but I don't know if I am ready. I'll be watching to see how you do! And yes, you are worth it!

  3. Good luck on the challenge! You are going to smash all of your goals - I can just feel it.

  4. Great picture. You should put that one in your sidebar. It looks to me like you've slimmed and shaped since your April race picture! Good luck with your challenge!