Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I have noticed many blogs feature a Three Things Thursday and thought I would join in the fun this week.

1.  I have enjoyed a few days off work this week. I needed the break and have had a nice time not having a schedule. Yesterday, Tommy was off too, and we enjoyed a great day just hanging out.  These days are good for the soul.

2.  Today I did a 4.5 mile walk. I am really starting to enjoy and value these longer walks and know I am going to incorporate them into my new workout plan when I finish the Labor Day Challenge.

3. Speaking of the Labor Day Challenge, I "should" finish my 100 miles at the end of next week. I have had a great time working to complete this challenge.  I know that next week I will reward myself when I finish the challenge, but not sure what the reward will be. I have thought about a small piece of jewelry. Or the Nike iPod sensor so that I can better track my runs when I start road running again next month. I will let you guys know what I decide. :)


  1. Oh, I strongly recommend the Nike+ I've had mine for almost two years now and I love it. I can pull up the chart that shows my runs since Oct 2008. I've run just over 900 miles. That's better than jewelry!

  2. Sounds like you've had a great few days, Jess. I've been so focused on learning to run lately that it has been AGES since I've done a nice, long walk. In fact, the last time I put in 5k on the treadmill was over a month ago as I watched a World Cup soccer game. You've inspired me to get one in this weekend. ;)

  3. Just found your, you're doing GREAT!

  4. Thanks Deborah! Do you have a blog? I would love to learn more about you!

  5. Hey Jessica!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I see you're not too far...over in might have to pop over for our Atlanta blogger meet-up when we get all the details worked out! Planning a get together this fall. :)