Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. This week has been a fail in terms of workouts. I was on a high after finishing my 100 miles Sunday and today I'm feeling low that I haven't been in the gym for 3 days. I work and go to the gym about 45 minutes from my house. This week I have been doing training for other libraries (on the opposite side of the county)  in the afternoons and haven't wanted to drive back to hit the gym. I should be getting up in the morning to go before work...but I haven't. And because I have been on the road so much mid-day workouts haven't really worked either.Today is a new day though...and I don't have trainings this afternoon so I am looking forward to gym time.

2.   I am so ready for fall. The heat and humidity of the summer is driving me crazy.It is full on miserable to be outside during the day.  I am ready for cooler days, the leaves changing, Mums and Pumpkins on porches, football Saturdays,sweet smelling candles, and soup for dinner. I have decided to make a new soup pot my reward for the Labor Day Challenge. I will take a picture when I buy it :)

3.  My best friend from college recently started biking. We live about an hour from each other and don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like, but talk on the phone at least once a week. She has been encouraging me to get a bike so that we can meet up occasionally on the weekends for rides. This sounds lovely, so I am trying to save some money for a bike. I really like the vintage cruisers. Do any of you bike? Has your bike been a good fitness investment?


  1. I love my bike, I've found now I use it to run errands that I would normally take my car for, like banking, bill paying, small grocery shopping, etc. Plus in my city we've got this 10km bike path that runs on an old train track that's right near my house, so I'm safe and fit at the same time!

  2. I hear you - can't wait for Fall! It's making it really tough to stick to my running plan too. ;(

  3. I live in Chicago and lots of my friends bike everywhere, but I'm just too scared! There are no bike trails like the suburbs where I grew up - here, it's the streets or nothing! It's even against the law to ride on the sidewalks! I love biking, though, and I'd love to get back into it. Maybe I'll start with "baby steps" and see how I do on a stationery bike!

  4. Hi Jessica! I am also looking forward to Fall! The heat has just wiped me out this summer. The cooler weather will help rid me of my #1 excuse right now, "It's too hot to workout".