Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally Friday!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement on my last post! (Even if y'all are a bunch of okra haters... ) I was able to complete the 1.5 mile run today. It wasn't pretty, but honestly very few of my runs are. When I hit the first mile I thought about stopping, but I wanted to be able to tell you guys that I had completed the run and kept pushing through the block. I think I am going to stick to the 1.5 mile runs a few more times before adding more distance. I really want to be back up to 3 miles by mid September when the road races start back up here.
Tomorrow I should finish my Labor Day Challenge of 100 miles! I know I want to challenge myself with another fitness goal to keep my momentum up exercise. This challenge has been so good for me and really kept me in the gym when Summer got crazy and I wanted to just go home after work instead of working out. Has anyone seen any Challenges on other blogs that are about to start up? There is just something about the "challenge" that keeps me excited and going.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Mine will be spend mostly hanging out around the house. I can't wait! :)


  1. Glad you had a good run, and that you found something to help motivate you!

  2. I'm so happy to hear you pushed your way through the whole 1.5 - I knew you could! Wow, I can't believe your challenge is almost wrapped up. Challenges sound like such a fun way to keep on track. I actually jumped on the bandwagon over at Clyde's iTouch challenge (I'm hoping to lose 15 by Labor Day), but I think I'd like to set a running-related goal too. Let me know if you find any. If not, we might have to create our own. ;)

  3. Good for you!! Hitting your goal so far ahead of Labor Day, too!

    If a challenge does it for you, than you are lucky and you should run with it!!

  4. Hi there! Just found your blog through another blog. Good job on doing the 1.5! I need to start setting challenge goals instead of just muddling through.