Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 195.5 Change:-2
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
I was up 3lbs last week, and was hoping it was just sodium from the night before's meal. I am down 2lbs today, but still up 1lb overall. I was down all week about the gain, but I know I am doing what needs to be done and the losses will come eventually.

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 30 minutes
30 minutes jogging/walking

Monday: Total 30 minutes
17 minutes treadmill
13 minutes cycling

Tuesday: Total 115 minutes
25 minute treadmill
5 minute summit trainer (the beast)
20 minutes cycling
5 minutes stretching
60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 30 minutes
17 minute treadmill
13 minute cycling
Thursday: 87 mins
  7  mins Summit Trainer
20 mins Treadmill
60 min Zumba class 

Friday: 15 minutes
15 minute Running

Saturday: 60 mins
15 minutes treadmill
45 minutes Zumba

Weekly Total: 6 hrs  7 mins   (367  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I had a crazy week and work and am very proud of getting in all of my 31 day challenge runs. My reason for doing the challenge was to improve my running, and I can already tell my pace is getting better! This week will also be a bit wild, so I want to be sure to get in all my workouts!

Work Out Goals for This Week:
Run 1 mile each day for the 31 day challenge :) Add on a quarter mile to my runs before I start walking.

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)


  1. 470 min this week =) I am still amazed that I got in that much with missing a day altogether. Next week I will be lucky to get half that but it is for good reason. I will be taking care of my little one but i will be back the week after and hoping to really ramp up! Have a gREaT week!

  2. You contine to amaze me!! Great job!! 476 total. Im not sure if you decided to add Sundays or not. If not subtract off 23. And I dont know if pushmowing counts or not. If not subtract 75 minutes. THanks and have a wonderful week!!

  3. WOW, you are an exercise beast! Great job, Jessica. You will burn off that third pound soon enough.