Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a Day!

Today did not go as planned. And that is an understatement. My plan for the day was to meet up with my friend Angie, run the 5k at 8, grab some post race breakfast for me and Tommy, run to the grocery to pick up ingredients for tonight's dinner with friends, head home and decorate the house for Halloween, and then enjoy the afternoon with Tommy before our company came over.

I got up early this morning to a very grumbly tummy...I think it was just pre-race nerves. I checked my email and found one from Angie with some very upsetting news. She got some devastating personal news last night that left her both physically and emotionally unable to run the race today. I honestly debated just going back to bed instead of going to the race, but decided that since I had already paid the registration, and would need to run at least one mile today anyway for the challenge,  that I should just go ahead and go.

I left my house about ten minutes until 7, and drove to the race location. I wanted to arrive about 30 minutes before the race so that I could get my bib, bag, and shirt, and get them back in the car in plenty of time. Also, since I didn't have anyone at the race with me, I needed to tie my car key into my shoelace. I felt so rushed, but got it done. Then it was time for the line-up. I really didn't have any expectations. It was supposed to be Angie's first race, so we had decided to do run/walk intervals...and even though she wasn't there, that was still my plan (I had not trained enough to actually run the whole race.) After we had been standing at the starting line for about 5 minutes, the race director came over and apologized because they were having some technical difficulties with the race clock and they were going to have to delay the race. The race was actually delayed almost 45 minutes!!! But in the mean time, I met two girls that I hope to continue a running relationship with...YAY! When the race actually started, the wind was terrible!!! I actually have some wind burn on my nose also got really runny...and I developed a bit of a cough. The race seemed really long...and I honestly just didn't enjoy it the way I had enjoyed past races...(maybe it was because I was worried about Angie, or the fact that I didn't have anyone cheering me on, or the wind, not sure.) I finished the race in about 43 minutes. My worst time yet.. There was some discussion post race about the course. Two separate runners were having conversations about their gps saying that the course was actually 3.7 I am not sure. They also weren't able to give about medals because of some other technical difficulties...but I am positive I didn't have a chance of placing anyway, so other than feeling bad for the kids that were hoping for medals that day, I wasn't that worried.

It was almost 11 before I left the race location, so I called Tommy to say I would pick up lunch instead of breakfast. He told me he had just started working on a little DIY project on a leaky faucet in our bathtub. By the time I got home,  the project had turned into a huge fiasco that caused me to have to drive back to town for some parts...our hallway closet was emptied into the floor, there is a hole in the closet wall, and we didn't have water for several hours LOL! Things are fixed now (except for the hole in the wall that will hopefully be fixed Monday...and the closet contents are still in the floor until hole is fixed), but I did get to take a post run shower about 5 hours later. We cancelled our dinner company when we didn't have water...haha.

I am now hoping to relax the rest of the night!  What a day!  :)


  1. oh wow.... What was it about this day? It was frustrating for several of us. (((hugs))) Tomorrow will be better. Congrats on finishing the race!

  2. Hope tomorrow is much, much better!

  3. Glad youyou decided to dowork the racerace anyway! I haveto met some of my best running buds at races I showed up solo to.:)
    I ran a 5k this morning too and it was so so windy! So thankful for cooler temps though!

  4. I'm exhausted just reading about your day......hope things have eased up and you are not so rushed now

  5. What a day and you just showered? I would of been soaking in the tub saying "Calgon take me away". I hope the month gets better for you.

  6. Onward. Right? It will be get better.

    I am going to join your 31 day challenge. Looks like a great way to get in some more miles before winter begins here in MN.