Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight:No Weigh-In
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change:0
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
Tommy and I went on a little day trip today and I was in a bit of a rush this morning and didn't weigh (this is also the reason I am posting so late.) 

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 30 minutes
30 minutes walk/hike

Monday: Total 90 minutes
  75 minutes Zumba
15 minutes walk

Tuesday: Total 90 minutes
  30minute treadmill
  60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 50 minutes
50 minutes - treadmill (Cupcake classic + cool down)
Thursday: Rest - Tommy and I won tickets to see the re-release of Ghost Busters. This is one Tommy's favorite movies (I had not seen it!). Life Happens :) Zumba can wait :) and we had a blast! :)

Friday: REST

Saturday: Total 165 minutes
3 hour Zumba-thon to support breast cancer awareness!n  We took 3 5 minute breaks! This was awesome...I could barely move that night! haha! And I had awful blisters. I would do it again in a heart beat! :)

Weekly Total:  (425 mins)

 Work Out Reflection
Great week with the Cupcake Classic and Zumbathon :)

Work Out Goals for This Week:
5 workouts of at least 30 minutes....Wild week at the library and I will miss both Tuesday and Thursday Zumba classes :( I will need to get in some morning workouts to keep up my totals.

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)


  1. Sounds like a good week to me! Congrats on sticking with the exercise, everyone needs a day off once in a while.

  2. As usual, great workouts!! You are rocking the exercise.

    Just to clarify - your weight only appears to have stayed the same this week because you forgot to weigh in?

  3. Christina- Yeah...I didn't weigh so I don't know if there is a change...

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  5. Sorry I just remembered to post. But then I looked at the comments were are everyone elese posts?

    Last week total 570

  6. I only have totals for you and Deb so far. I was later yesterday posting, so I am waiting until tonight to give everyone a chance to post totals!

  7. 0minutes this week. t.o.m. has beat me down this week.

  8. Hi there! Sorry i am just catching up on blogs! Like you happens! You are so close to your previous low! go get it girl!!!


  9. I'm thoroughly impressed with your Zumbathon! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  10. 120 this week. But I will be back on track next week =)