Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feeling Down

I am feeling down today. I think part of it is my house is a wreck post plumbing fiasco...hopefully the wall will be repaired (maybe today) and I can get everything back in the closet (jackets, gift wrap, holiday decorations, and purses). Maybe it is because I am BROKE and the holidays are right around the corner. But a big thing today is that I feel discouraged about my weight loss. There are weeks when I read blogs and talk to friends and they have lost more in one week than I have all year. I know I am doing the right things for good health...and I know my fitness levels are improving all the time, but I would love to see the scale move too! I mean, I still have plenty of weight to lose. I have been hoping with each doctor's appointment that something would change...that my levels would work themselves out. At the last appointment, he mentioned that seeing a specialist in Nashville could be a possibility if my symptoms didn't improve. I am still exhausted at the end of the day...but I think that is from my workouts more than anything, and my hair is no longer coming out...or at least not at the rate it had been. So my only real symptom is the weight gain/lack of weight loss. And I wonder if that symptom is really worth the cost of seeing the specialist. I don't think so. I just really wish I could see my efforts in terms of scale change. Really, if I could just lose 1lb a week I would feel better.

I just needed to vent this today.


  1. I'm sorry, love. I know it's hard when you don't see the scale move, or for when it moves in the wrong direction. But just remember that the scale isn't the only type of victory. I would kill to be able to run like you. And maybe you should go to a different doctor and get a second opinion before going to a specialist. Or maybe change up your routine. If you run a lot, maybe through in some weight training or dance to shock your body into something new. Or go swimming, that always surprises me. :)

  2. Oh - the ups and downs we go through - wonder how that plumping thing turned out, hoping that everything does get back into the closet soon. Sometimes having clutter around makes us all disorganized in so many other ways!! The scale will move again...hang in there...Amy's advice is a good one - try to mix it up. Don't let the Fall weather get your down (if it is) or the impending Holidays - just look to what you have accomplished so far and know that you will continue to run, be healthy and smile, because you are doing it!!!


  3. Ditto on what Amy said.

    I am in the same boat. Doing everything I know but not seeing the results on the scale, but I am in life. I feel better and stronger.

  4. 've been married forever and I don't there's ever been a holiday season where a budget wasn't a concern. There are a lot of ways to celebrate a holiday that doesn't include expensive gifts. I hope you find something that works for you and you can look forward to it withe a smile.

    I think you got some good advice here about shaking things up. Besides, exercise...How about shaking up your menu? Are you eating the same thing over and over? Try adding more veggies, juicing or playing with your macronutrient numbers or just a few new recipes.

    Hope you find the pick me up you need.

  5. You are always so positive and I was sad to read this.

    Things will pass! Pray about your situtation :) Life isn't easy but without God it's impossible--at least for me!!

    Hang in there girl!

  6. Venting is always allowed here and it does make us feel better at times, it is dissapointing when the scales do not show a loss but if your clothes feel better or look better on then you are getting somewhere.