Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I planned to run outside by myself. Humphrey, however, had other plans and broke through his outdoor barrier to join me on my run! And then ran right past leash of course since I didn't plan on him joining the run. Scared me to death when he ran into traffic. I guess he was trying to tell me that he needs to go on more runs! (His current leash rubs a blister on my hand when I run with him. no problems on they make specific running leashes?) I finally caught him and walked him back home. By that time my heart was pounding from being scared and my nice long run ended up being a short one mile (for the challenge)...and it was awful...couldn't get my breathing right.
Speaking of Humphrey....he is going to be a a bumble bee for Halloween!
How do I look Mom?

Yeah...I make a pretty cute bumblebee!

2.  When I leave work this afternoon I will begin an awesome 4-day weekend! I am excited! Hoping to catch a water zumba class on Monday morning. Nothing else really planned...which I love!

3.  Remember the contest I mentioned last week. On I WON!!! Super excited!! The prize money will definitely help out with Christmas! Or rather the end of the year taxes, home owners insurance, car insurance...I just hate how it all hits at once! I mean, I know it is coming...but I am never prepared!


  1. Oh, my dear! How precious! I love his costume. :) That is so cute he broke free to run with you. I've seen people run with the leash somehow attached to their waist, and that seems to work pretty well. I have no product name to share, sadly. Seeing him run into traffic must have been awful. I'm glad he's okay!

    Water zumba? That sounds awesome! Have a great weekend!!!

    Speaking on winning, I should be mailing out your prize this weekend.

  2. I bought the exact same costume for my Boston Terrier. What an adorable little bumble. ;)

    It looks like you've been doing good things around here, Jess. Way to go! I fell off the blogging wagon for a long time, but I'm hoping to get back into it as I get back into running again. It's something about the Fall that makes we want to get out there again.

    Chat soon!