Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change:0
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
The same.

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 20 minutes
20 minutes jogging/walking

Monday: Total 48 minutes
  30 minutes treadmill
18 minutes cycling

Tuesday: Total 60 minutes  (worked late- didn't get long workout)
15 minute treadmill
45 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 20 minutes
20 minutes jog + escape of the jogging pup
Thursday: 90 mins
 10 cycling
20 mins Treadmill
60 min Zumba class 

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Weekly Total:  (238 mins)

 Work Out Reflection
Tuesday I had to work late so I missed my long workout...but still got it a good workout that night instead of going straight home after work.  Thursday night during Zumba my knee started bothering me. It felt a bit off during my run that night, so I decided to take two rest days. It is feeling much better today so I am hoping to get in a great workout this afternoon.

Work Out Goals for This Week:
I have two later nights at the library this week so my goal is to get to the gym on those days for a workout. On days I work late, it is so easy to just want to go home!

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)


  1. 223 minutes this week. Hoping to increase this, this week!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!!

  2. 485 Minutes. The 31 day challenge is really helping me rack up the minutes!!!

    Great week!!

  3. got it 230. I will be back on pint next week.

  4. wow these other numbers are so intimidating! i only got in 60minutes. :(