Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blenders and Tuesdays

I love reading all about the smoothies you guys make! They look so yummy! I am in the market for a new blender...I bought the blender I have now about 8 years ago...cheap...on vacation. And now it is time (past time) for a new one. I noticed they have the NINJA blender at Sams Club for a decent price...so I may invest now...or ask for it for Christmas. Do you have a blender that you love?? Do any of you own the NINJA?

I am so excited that today is Tuesday! What is so exciting about Tuesdays? ZUMBA! I can't wait!

Hope you are all having a great day!


  1. My blender is my mums old on and it was only a cheap on but it will do me and it gets used a lot like daily for my smoothies and shakes..........

  2. Hi Ive come over from Jodie's blog and its nice to meet you.
    I shall follow along your way from now on!
    Good Luck

  3. That blender looks awesome! I use my blender a lot, but I couldn't even tell you what brand it is.

    Re: the oatmeal
    No, I don't cook the oatmeal before adding it to the smoothie. I prefer quick-cooking oats over old fashioned when doing smoothies. The oatmeal gives the smoothie a great texture!

  4. Here from Melissa's blog. So glad I found you. Excited to read the rest of your story.

    Blender... I bought a blender last year for myself for Christmas. I LOVE it. Spend $29 and it was worth it. I thought bc of the low price it would be cheap... not at all! It is a Waring Pro. I got the smaller bar sized one and it is perfect for my family of 5.