Monday, August 15, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a new Doctor. I have been waiting on the appointment since June, so I am excited....but, nervous. I have heard wonderful things about him. A girl that I work with started seeing him in the Spring, so she has assured me that he is a great listener (something my current previous doctor was awful with). Recently, I have been feeling like my thyroid levels were off again, so I'm going to be sure to have him check that.

I will let you guys know how it goes.

I hate that I am this nervous about the appointment!


  1. Its nice to find a friendly and sympathetic doctor...and if you have concerns about thyroid function it can be identified and dealt with and if you're right and we are often right about ourselves - it might make your journey more straightforward. Its oh so very understandable to be worried though, I hope it all goes well for you

  2. Don't be nervous - definitely be confident. The doctor's office is one place where I don't make excuses - it's exactly what I want out of the experience or I go elsewhere. It's your body! I hope this works out for you. ♥

  3. Good luck at your Dr. appointment! I hope they can get everything figured out for ya.

  4. Hope the new doctor has some answers for you and I know what you mean about being nevous I get like that too at times when I have to see a specialist.......

  5. I'm always nervous to go to a new doctor - but it always turns out just fine!! I know it will go well. :)

  6. Well don't be nervous. here is something I always tell myself. the sun is always going to come up the next day so regardless of what happens. things are going to keep moving. I say it before all kinds of things including the dr. I get major anxiety at the dr.