Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. You know what I hate....when I write an awesome comment on someone's blog...and don't realize you have to do the word verification...and click out of it...and they never get the comment. I do that all the time! Drives me crazy! I need to slow down :)

2.  Tommy and I had a good time on our little trip. Food wasn't awesome...but it was decen...moderation is the key when you don't have alot of healthy choices. And lots of great exercise. I also got some new jeans at the Old Navy outlet...CHEAP! YAY!  I am super tired from the quick trip....looking forward to a peaceful weekend!

3.  I NEED to start running again. I LOVE Zumba and Spinning...and I know when I start running again I will love it again too...I think I just got burnt out on the treadmill. I just wish it would cool down so I could run outside!


  1. I hate when I comment on someone's blog and then the comment never shows up. So I post again and then both the old comment and the new comment show up so I either have to delete it or leave it and then I have this huge moral dilemma and I'm just a mess. :)

  2. That happens to me with comments all the time! When the temperatures drop it's always great to head back outside for a run

  3. I hate the comment problem, too!

    I'm glad youguys had a nice trip!

    How hot is it there? I bet you could run outside now if you go slow enough. :)

  4. Our temps have just gotten nice enough to run outside - so much more fun to run outside - and I just discovered Pandora on my blackberry so I am loving the music!

  5. I hate it when I type a whole post and delete it by mistake and stupid Blogger saves everything so fast and I lose everything!! Did it this morning ~ Augh!!

    I totally love Old Navy. Can't believe I can fit into their clothes!!

    Keep up the great job with exercise. Get back to running! You can do it!

  6. lately at work when i try to comment on blogs, i'll write a comment, submit it, then the webpage goes and wants me to login, like i wasn't already logged in!! and when i try to log in, it doesn't work, so my comment shows up as anonymous! grrrrrr

  7. I hate that, too. Glad to hear you had a good trip!

  8. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I'm at 99 followers, who knew that would ever happen? I have the comment problem too, it drives me bonkers! Looking forward to catching up on some of your posts and seeing your progress. Best wishes!!! :)