Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am feeling very good about this week. I have exercised everyday and food has been in check. I hope this focus pays off on the scale.

2. I have been contemplating doing Couch to 5k again...just to get me going with my running again. I have done walk/run intervals this week and felt good with the running.  Should I take the time to go through the entire C25k again? Or just start trying to build up my running each day? What do you guys think?

3.  Do any of your guys use the Bolthouse Farms products? This week, I grabbed a bottle of the Green Goodness at Aldi and really liked it. It is a bit high in calories, but full of fruits and veggies. I wish I could find single servings of it, because I can't trust myself to measure it out after a hot workout. Do you have any suggestions for their other products?

1 comment:

  1. I think just naturally build up your running. I started couch to 5k a couple of years ago but I found timing it annoying and on some days I felt like I could run longer before stopping.

    Now i'm just doing it my own way. I think you can just as easily naturally build up using your own mind and measures. Remember..just to that next light pole...and then the next one... and then the next one! :-)