Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little extra workout!

Yesterday I got more of a workout than I had bargained for...and loved it! As I was finishing up my workout (strength class), my gym's manager, Katie, asked me if I would like to go/felt like going to a ZUMBA class. There was a class taking place in the next town, and she is considering hiring that instructor to do an extra class at our gym, but she wanted someone to go over and try out her class first. I called Tommy to make sure he didn't mind me being late (again), and he said to go have fun since I was going to be missing tonight's class. I rushed over and made it just in time to start the class. Katie had called the manager there and told him I would be coming. The studio area was VERY small, and there were several of us taking the class. It was alot of fun, but very different from the two instructors I have had so far...I have actually had three instructors, but one was a sub, and I didn't like her class at all. Last night's instructor did alot more belly dancing moves...and quite a bit of high jumping. It was different but fun...and I am glad I got in an extra class. She also mentioned Aqua-Zumba. Have any of you tried this? I think it would be a blast, but there is only one more class before the pool closes.

This afternoon, Tommy and I are heading out of town...it is a short trip, but I am a bit nervous about overeating. I have to remember I AM IN CONTROL!

Thought I would leave you guys with a few pics from Mel's Wedding from earlier this month :)

Me with the beautiful Bride...

With the boys...they are so big now!

Before heading down the aisle...


  1. Love the pictures - you look beautiful!!

    I've not heard of aqua-Zumba - that sounds fun!! We have a Zumba class at our gym, it is so crowded, you have to fight to get armbands for admittance. So crazy!!

    Keep focused today!!!

  2. Hey, hot stuff!!! Lookin' good!!!!

    How neat that you got to try a new class!

  3. You are gorgeous, lady!

    And aqua-zumba? That sounds awesome! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!!!

    And like others, I have not heard of aqua-zumba...but hmmm...I might need to check that out! I do love Zumba...but it totally depends on the instructor!

    You will get through this road trip!!! Good luck!

  5. Wow, sounds like an awesome evening of workouts! Great job!!! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! :)

    I've never heard of aqua Zumba, but it sounds like so much fun! :) Let us know if you ever get to try it!