Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 194.
Last Week's Weight: 194.5 Change: -.5
Previous Low Weight: 190
Lbs from Short Term Goal: 19

Weight Refection: 
Down Half a pound. Very happy with this since I traveled mid-week and it threw off my eating a bit (had to eat out.)
Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 75 Minutes
30 Minute Strength Class
45 Minute Zumba Class

Tuesday: Total 45 Minutes
45 minutes Cycling (Hotel Fitness Room)

Wednesday: 55 Minutes (Hotel Pool)
30 Minutes Pool Jogging
25 Minutes Lap Swimming 

Thursday: Total 60 mins
60 mins Zumba

Friday:Total 40 mins
 40 Mins Zumba  (This class is supposed to be 45 mins, but when I checked my time it was only 40 mins)

Saturday:Rest Day

Weekly Total: 4 hrs  35mins   (275  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I am very proud of this week considering two days I worked out at the hotel. I enjoyed two new Zumba classes(Same Teacher).

Work Out Goals for This Week:
This week I really want to get some running in! I also missed Spinning Class on I want to get that in for sure this week!


  1. Augh!! You beat me!!! Congrats!! OK it's on....

    Keep focused!!!!

  2. Great job staying focused on your exercise while away from home!

  3. Nice loss for the week! You rock for working out at the hotel, missy. :) Keep up the good work!