Saturday, August 24, 2013

8-23 Food Journal --Question: Spark v. My Fitness Pal

Breakfast- Quaker Oatmeal/Natural PB/ apple/cinnamon/chia seeds

Lunch- Restauran:Ricebox
Lunch Special- Philly roll/crunch shrimp roll/ salad with ginger dressing/ hot and sour soup minus crunchies/ 4 steamed potstickers

Dinner- Subway
6in on wheat- ham/cheddar/lite mayo/lettuce/tomato/onion/pickle and Baked Ruffles

Date Night Movie at Home
Micro popcorn and 2 handfuls of Hot Tamale candies

20oz short of my gallon water goal today.

I have been doing a good job for the past two weeks of journaling my food here.  I haven't worried about calories just stuck to a few rules regarding water and not going back for seconds at dinner. But I think I am ready to start keeping up with calories. What program do y'all use? I have used Spark and My Fitness Pal before, but never stuck with it. Is there a program you like best? I don't have a smart phone, so any SP perks won't really matter to me.

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  1. Of the 2, I prefer MFP. You may have to tweak your goals because it often sets initial calories too low in my opinion. It's also defaulted to have very high carbs. If you go into "goals" you can personalize your settings to your personal preferences.