Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food Journal 8-17

9AM Zumba
10:30- Subway 6in Ham, Egg, Shredded cheese on flatbreat with tomatoes, onion, bellpepper, and spinach. 2% milk

1:30- Smoked Chicken Stew w/6 crackers

3:00-Smoked chicken salad w/ ritz crackers and slice of pecan pie. A few M&Ms.

7:00- chicken noodle soup

8:00 Chai w/vanilla almond milk

Tommy had family in from out of town and his Mom put her back out. It was not a very active day and too much food and sitting around, but it was nice visiting with family.

The chai was amazing. I bought the chai herbs earlier in the week and tonight I boiled them then let them sit about half an hour. Cooled them in the fridge and then mixed it with the vanilla almond milk and it was AMAZING :)

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