Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food Journal 8-14

This morning I overslept and I have felt behind all day.


7:05AM WAKE 20 oz of water
7:15 AM
plain greek yogurt, ¼ c blueberries,5 strawberries, truvia packet, hard boiled egg, 20oz water
8:00-8:30AM-20 oz water
boiled egg, 20 oz water
  Chef Salad from the shop/lettuce mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, egg, ham, cheese, Newman's Own Golder Italian, apple,20 oz water

3:45 PM
Kashi Pumpkin granola bar, 20 oz water

5:30 PM -WATP 2mi High Calorie Burn DVD, 20oz water

7:10 PM 
Turkey Taco Salad
shredded luttuce, steamed bell pepper, onion, avacado, salsa, ground turkey w organic taco seasoning, plain greek yogurt, 20oz water

8:15 PM
I usually try not to eat after dinner, but I was still hungry so I had a peanut peanut kashi bar

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