Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food journal 8-27 and a HORRIBLE Run

This afternoon I "ran with Kim." Of course she was running in DC, and I was running in Bama, and the runs were hours apart, but I still considered the run "with her." We decided over the weekend that we needed to do a 5k. I will be completely honest and say that I haven't had a good outdoor run in weeks. AND TODAY WAS HORRIBLE. You know those runs where you aren't really into it, but after you get going you enjoy it? I was hoping for one of those, but it didn't happen. Every single minute of the run was awful...the heat and humidity were unforgiving. Traffic was the worst it has ever been on that route. I couldn't get my breathing right, and mentally I was all over the place. And my legs hurt (I think that is because I have been to Zumba for the past three days, and that can make my calves tired.) But I got the miles in, and hopefully my next run will be better. I am looking forward to the Fall 5k season, so I need to get in a couple of good runs every week.

Calories for the day via MFP-1524, over protein, sugar, sodium

Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal
1tsp coconut oil

Broccoli and cheese (green giant)
sweet and spicy tuna
yoplait greek yogurt pineapple

Kashi Pumpkin granola bar

Run (UGH) 48mins including cool down

Tukey Spinach meatloaf
green beans
black eyed peas

Almond Milk


  1. The good thing about a bad run, is that hopefully the next one will be better!!

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